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How This Works

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Every business will be found by location, your barn will be on a United States map with a horse in barn icon or a person icon representing an Instructor. When they click on that icon your barn or Instructor information will come up, location, website, services offered (in a box check form) and contact information. I suggest that you get a website or Facebook of your own so that you can inform browsers that you offer other services, like training, clinics, lessons or just how detailed you are with the daily care program because in the “services offered” column they will see the Individualized Care Schedule information (if you filled it out) only.

If you know of a barn(s) that you would like to be on the map, then send me their names and contact information and I will send them an invitation. Because I would like this site to be helpful to travelers, I am including Veterinarians and other services that help a Hauler in need, like repair of truck or trailer, horse equipment ie. halters, lead ropes or leg wrap business' names and locations. Submit those names and contact information and I will send them an invitation to be on BB&IUSA.

Remember, your website will be given with your information, so if you offer other services like trainer, or massage therapy, this could bring you outside business for those things.

First year publicizing your information is $35.00, to install your information on the map. Renewal is $20.00 for the year if there are no changes in the information or $30.00 if changes are made. Changes to information can be made at anytime for $20.00 fee. A renewal notice will be sent one month before renewal date.

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